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The Holy Bible In Its Original Order “is an excellent translation for those desiring a literal one.... We heartily
recommend this fine translation
that will be a welcome addition to every Bible collector's library.”

Dan Decker, International Society of Bible Collectors
Published in Bible Editions & Versions (January 2009)


“What sets this product apart is Coulter's decidedly conservative theology and highly literal translation, which represents the beliefs of a great number of Christians. The Holy Bible In Its Original Order is a great balance to the excesses of biblical higher criticism.”

Rev Magazine (March-April 2009)


“The primary thing I noticed when first looking at The Holy Bible In Its Original Order was that ... the Word of God is treated with proper dignity, respect and awe....

Fred Coulter [has] stepped forward and led a team to accomplish [a] monumental task. The New Testament portion is Fred Coulterʼs own translation from the Greek. The Old Testament [is] his translation as well, in collaboration with [Old Testament Hebrew Consultant] E. Michael Heiss.

This is a very readable Bible ... developed with the ear in mind, designed to be well spoken and well read....

[The Bible] is designed to be read from beginning to end, in the order God intended, like a great and large novel: progressing from simple to detailed, from beginning to completion, it presents God's story of His love for man....

[Having] a Bible like The Holy Bible In Its Original Order with the books of the Bible already set in the correct manuscript order will aid you to more quickly understand the plan of Scripture and the plan of God through Christ. Reading from Genesis to Revelation in the correct order makes for structured reading, orders the mind, and reinforces the proper sequence of information from God to you.... You begin to notice subtle relationships, such as between the last verses of one book and the first verses of the next, understanding that this is how God wanted [the Bible] to be read.

I pray and hope that this will be the first of several such Bibles to be printed that will recognize and give credence to the order which God designed ... [an order] that gives the full message of the Word of God.... I wish The Holy Bible In Its Original Order great success. It is a landmark achievement, a first in history for an English version....

David Sielaff, Association for Scriptural Knowledge (ASK) (January 2009)


1) Bible review

I am extremely pleased with this Bible. I had a NT hardback copy, but when this came available in such a quality binding, I jumped on it. I am very familiar with this author and the quality of his work. The order of the books gets getting used to, but then it IS in the original order as canonized, isn't it. The translation is clear and accurate as far as its original intent.

2) Beautiful, quality Bible.

I love the feel, the look, and the quality of this Bible. The translation is OK, but not quite as beautiful as the KJV. Some of the commentaries offer very unconventional ideas, but I am sure they are offered in good faith, and they are backed up by Scripture. If you are looking for a quality Bible with a fine, soft, flexible lambskin cover and gilded high quality paper, this is a good choice. The translation is very readable and probably more easily understood than the KJV. I think it is good to read various translations. This is the fifth translation I have read from beginning to end, and each one adds a little more clarity to the Scriptures as I understand them. As for the commentary, you can take it or leave it. Read it for a little different perspective, and decide for yourself what you want to accept or reject. It never hurts to read a well researched and documented opinion, whether you ultimately agree with it or not.

3) The Best Holy Bible I'd Ever Bought

I have several KJV Bibles in my home of different sizes, but this is the best Bible I had ever bought. What really got my attention was how the Books were arranged according to the original order. The commentaries, 14 chapters in all, such as the canonization of the Old Testament and who, what and when was the New Testaments were written, etc. , are very informative. So if anyone is looking for a Holy Bible in modern English translation, I would recommend this 100%.

4) Love my NEW Bible!

I love my new Bible in it's original order. My last Bible was an Inductive Study Bible and even though I really enjoyed studying from it and still have it I am finding that my depth of study with this Bible is wonderful. I have started in Acts and have been making so many notes and references. The charts and added information in the back is wonderful to have for reference. If you want to have a Bible that you can really dive in to this is a great one to dive into!

Re: the negative comments that are listed. If you take the time to prove even one or two points you will quickly see that the criticisms are based on their own personal opinion, and even though complaining about the author's putting his take on this version, in truth and fact they are doing what they accuse...which amazes me..what is their purpose!? Prove all things.

Pray for clarity and study with confidence that you have the most up to date and accurate Bible on the market today...at least that is how I am enjoying it! :-)

Happy Studying!

Review from veryclever.com